Mental Coaching for Pros


Une prestation "sur mesure" pour les sportifs professionnels

The Mental Coaching "PREMIUM PROS" is the most adapted to High Level sport Professionals demand.

I am offering a personalized support and intensive training dedicated to you considering your frequent travels, availability and Performance demands.

I am practicing in English or French upon your choice. Version française


Full Mental Training

  • Pressure Management
  • Getting ready for competitions
  • Mental Skills work
  • High level Performance Focused
  • Video analysis / body language
  • Attendance at competitions
  • Relaxing sessions

Availability / Travels

  • 7/7 days availability
  • 7/7 days at your preferred Location
  • Time Flexibility for Training sessions
  • Flexibility for booking of sessions
  • Travel in France & Europe
  • French or English spoken
  • Privacy Policy


The PREMIUM PROS formula guarantees you a dedicated and intensive Mental Preparation. You can count on your Mental Coach at your convenience and in all circumstances. Including when you have to make key decisions for your carreer.
Listening and counseling in the Key moments of High level sport individuals lifetime.

Rates for this formula are given upon request


- The Mental Coaching formula that responds best to the most demanding athletes -


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